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Rio de Janeiro Hotels

The majority of Rio de Janeiro hotels are located in the South Zone (Zona Sul) of the city, around the beaches - and that is exactly where you want to be, right?
Near the action, to feel the buzz of The Marvelous City!

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Room Rates at Rio de Janeiro Hotels

However, not all Rio beaches are created equal and the difference is reflected in the hotel rates too.

Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana are the most tourist-friendly areas with lots of hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping centers.

From these three, Ipanema and Leblon tends to be a bit more upmarket than Copacabana.

There are numerous factors that effect the price level of the hotels in Rio but as a rule of thumb, you can expect that

  • the closer to the beachfront they are, the more pricey the hotels get,
  • room rates go up by 30% during the summer (from December till March),
  • hotel prices double or even triple during the Carnival (February) and New Year's - and get sold out quickly too, so make sure you book well in advance!

If you are not keen on watching the ocean directly from your hotel room window, you can save quite a few bucks by choosing a hotel one or two streets away from the beach.

Those hotels usually have a roof-top pool with excellent view of the ocean so you can still take great photos to boast with!

Other beaches like Botafogo and Flamengo have cheaper hotels nearby and districts further away from the beach, like Lapa and Centro, too.

Mind you, Centro, the business district, is not the safest area to be in once the work day ends so you'd better stick to the Copacabana-Ipanema area.

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